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Secure Managed Client Solution Overview
The Lenovo Secure Managed Client (SMC) provides the experience and flexibility of a Windows PC combined with redundancy, application virtualization and pristine single image add-on capabilities that maximize uptime and simplify patch management. SMC is an alternative client solution that delivers a superior end-user, business and IT experience compared to other alternative client solutions. It utilizes a ThinkCentre® client with an INTEL® VT Processor, iSCSI protocol, a Lenovo co-developed software stack and Lenovo Storage Array Appliance powered by Intel. Although SMC offers all the benefits and functionality of an alternative client solution it accomplishes this without sacrificing end-user experience, application compatibility, graphics performance or the number of desktop options available.

SMC is a storage based solution that offers a wide array of functionality and software add-ons and can be deployed to departments or rolled out company wide. It is designed to make it easy to manage and provisioning users and images, minimize TCO and deliver a quick ROI by eliminating the need for desk side support as well as lowering the installation, moving, adding, changing (IMAC), deployment and energy costs. The solution offers free seating, redundancy, single and pristine image capability, centralized image and user provisioning, , agent less asset tracking, IT service level monitoring and printer usage monitoring, to mention just a few , The optional IT-oriented, business reports deliver weekly company-wide updates on end-user experience, client, network and printing performance.

SMC Key Strengths vs. Alternative Client Solutions
Although Lenovo's Secure Managed Client is an alternative client solution, it does not inherit the common limitations of similar solutions. From the end user perspective it delivers a full PC experience, and from a C-Level perspective delivers the cost savings, centralized management and data security that you would expect from an Alternative Client Solution. Below are a few of the additional benefits of Lenovo's Secure Managed Client versus other alternative client solutions:

Several companies have, over the years, developed alternative client solutions that have tried to deliver on the benefits of "centralized computing" but have not been able to overcome the obstacles that centralized computing creates. Some of these obstacles are:

    Higher initial investment for backend servers, virtualization software licenses, etc.
    The cost associated with the need for centralization in the DataCenter.
    Unique processes, images, testing and other methods not consistent with existing IT practices.
    The inability of achieving a full PC experience or satisfying the user's expectations of what a PC should deliver.
    Ultimately, achieving real savings and reasonable return on investment.

SMC's architecture overcomes the above hurdles and is designed around storage consolidation and is essentially a PC with remote storage.

As a result, the initial purchase price of a diskless SMC offering is consistent with the purchase cost of a comparable PC. While the other solutions are consistently more than an existing PC solution would be; therefore they rely upon the promise of TCO reduction expectation that the future years will create an ROI. If redundancy is a requirement, the other solutions become even more expensive because they require redundancy at every level: server, storage, Datacenter, software, etc. whereas SMC just requires an additional Lenovo Storage Array Appliance and the replication software array add-on module.
At SMC's core is the Lenovo Storage Array Appliance which does not require raised floor or special power or cooling; and therefore does not have to be located in the Datacenter, and data center cost can be reduced by keeping the array in a standard locked or secure room, such as a network closet.
Since SMC is a "PC with remote storage" it uses the same Common Operating Environment (COE) image as the rest of the company's clients and it leverages the same Corporate tools for management, like patch deployment. The result is no duplication of processes or additional groups to manage. Because of the above advantages, SMC requires little to no additional training, or procedure changes.
Again, an SMC PC delivers the same user experience as a standard PC. All applications such as VoIP, multimedia, full motion video, AeroGlass, etc. work as they are designed. All hardware features work the same and require no additional support resources.
Finally, the promise of centralized computing (improved control, reduced TCO, improved security, flexibility, etc.) is more easily achieved with SMC. Due to the fact that SMC uses cost effective components, and the fact that SMC enhances existing IT infrastructure and processes and centralizing user/image creation and management), it enables a customer to quickly achieve a low TCO and a high ROI.

SMC preserves the PC end-user experience.
The end-user experience of a SMC client is the same as it would be on a regular PC. That means it will meet the users and business' expectations for no compromised support of all of their standard and customized applications, audio and Voice over IP requirements, video formats and compatibility with their peripheral devices.

SMC avoids IT complexity
From an IT experience perspective SMC is uncomplicated. Its remote SMC Management console simplifies tasks such as image and user provisioning. That in addition to supporting established IT processed helps minimize the complexity that is associated with other Alternative Client Solutions.

SMC is a cost effective flexible investment
Due to its simplicity SMC is less costly to implement and support. This led to a TCO that is up to 40% less than a traditional PC and an acquisition cost savings of up to 37% can be achieved when compared to some Virtual Desktop Infrastructure deployments. A case study showed that SMC could create an ROI as over 428%! From a purchasing perspective SMC uses a standard ThinkCentre VPro desktop as a client allowing a company to standardize on one type of client for both their standard desktop users and SMC users, resulting in less complexity and simplification. Furthermore the SMC client can be reused as a standard desktop, further extending its use, cost recovery, flexibility and its lifetime compared to other solutions.

SMC has lowest power requirements
An SMC client is in itself a very energy efficient client. Our initial estimations show that SMC clients can achieve as much as 33% power savings compared with your current PC's. This coupled with the fact that SMC does not require a high power server backend makes SMC a very energy efficient solution.

SMC deliver highest video performance
One of the unique features of SMC's is that it delivers the application and end-user experience of a full function PC. A SMC client utilizes the ThinkCentre local video, audio, USB capabilities and as well as standard Windows drivers to support today's requirement for rich media and graphic intensive applications.

The Client
The Secure Managed Client utilizes disk or disk-less ThinkCentre clients. The solution is also backwards compatible with ThinkCentre M58p and selected models of ThinkCentre M57p USFF. The ThinkCentre client comes with a Microsoft Windows license and the solution supports standard versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and XP, standard Windows applications as well as PC options designed to be used with the Lenovo ThinkCentre.

To maximize the investment, the SMC client requires the following memory configuration:

    Windows XP Pro SP 2 or higher system 1GB (Recommended 2 GB)
    Microsoft Windows Vista system 2GB (Recommended 3GB)
    Microsoft Windows 7 Support planned for early 2010

The Storage Appliance
The Lenovo Storage Array is a network appliance specially designed and configured to be a turnkey, easy to use and centrally managed. It is a cost effective storage solution for the SMC clients. One Lenovo Storage Array Appliance supports up to 150 concurrent users, which are centrally managed from the SMC management console regardless of SMC client or the storage array location. The storage array includes NAS capability and has six 1GB Ethernet ports. It comes in the three preconfigured configurations of 6, 9 or 12TB of raw data space.

Centralized Management Software
Lenovo's SMC Management Software is used to centrally manage and provision all SMC users, images and the Storage Array appliance. Lenovo's SMC Management Software can be used in conjunction with a customer's existing PC Management software, or a customer can elect to use the Windows PC management features that come included with the SMC management console. The license for the software is available per client as a low cost subscription or standard purchase (with a separate support agreement).

We believe in the business value of the SMC for all office locations, with a specific value being placed on remote locations.  Setup and deployment of the SMC solution into new office developments is completed much faster, at a lower cost, and typically more securely than similar setup utilizing an alternative solution.  SMC has multiple configurations and software stack offerings, and we feel it is best to review your business requirements together prior to recommending the specific SMC solution for your environment.  Call us today at 805-852-2338 to set up a free consultation, or write to us at  We look forward to hearing from you.

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