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Brian Vogel is a Service Disabled Marine who has served one tour in Iraq, and is DeVry University graduate with a degree in electrical engineering.  He still serves as a Marine Reserve, and is working to achieve the rank of Staff Sergeant. Brian is the CEO, President, and CFO for Veteran Technology Solutions, and his primary duties surround discovering opportunities, fiscal oversight of the company, grant writing and submission, prospecting, formal bid responses, and general administrative duties.

Rick Vogel has been working in secure document/data storage and document production system design consulting for over eleven years. He is currently the Associate Federal Government Sales Manager at Coast to Coast Computer Products, Inc., responsible for managing their GSA multiple award schedule 36, 70 and 75 contracts, and managing system design and implementation for public sector customers. His accomplishments include lifting federal sales at Coast to Coast from an annual volume of $200,000.00, to a volume of over $8,000,000.00, in a period of four years, a commendation from the city of Los Angeles for service to the community, the Venture Scouting Silver and Ranger Awards, the Rotary Youth leadership Award, and induction into the Paul Harris Fellowship. Rick is the Vice President, COO, CIO, and lead technical sales consultant for Veteran Technology Solutions, and his primary duties include system design & verification based on customer specific workload requirements, process design and implementation, system compliance verification, marketing, and sales management.
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