IronKey products and solutions offer the most complete set of security certifications in the industry. Through strategic acquisitions, and the development of a team of talented experts skilled in: hardware and software engineering, systems design, enterprise software management, and system penetration and cryptology; their focus on innovation has delivered to a highly secure and robust product line, boasting many outstanding feature and functionality enhancements unavailable in alternative portable data security solutions.

IronKey's groundbreaking innovation includes being the first to develop and market, among others:

    First affordable hardware-encrypted USB key
    First hardware-encrypted portable USB hard drive
    First encrypted USB device with hardware-based biometric authentication
    First USB security device with hardware-based CAC/PIV authentication
    First FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated encrypted USB device
    First FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated portable security processor
    First CESG CAPS-accredited encrypted USB flash drive
    First liquid metal enclosure on an encrypted USB device
    First multifunction USB security device with PKI functions and encrypted storage   
    First USB security device to meet the NIST SP800-56A secure communications standard
    First thixotropic magnesium enclosure on an encrypted USB device

Our unique digital identity solutions offer one-time passwords (e.g. RSA SecurID®), dedicated key containers, on-board key generation, secure X.509 certificate storage via PKCS#11 and/or CAPI, and hardware cryptographic acceleration. IronKeys powerful on-board Intel BlueFly processor binds digital identities to users and protects them with up to 3-factor hardware-based authentication vital for our most security-conscious customers.

Superior Manageability Our portable security devices are integrated with IronKey Enterprise Management, a security-management system which allows organizations to bring USB portable security devices into their overall Security Risk Management (SRM) strategy. In addition, IronKey devices are manageable through McAfee® ePO™ and the related U.S. DoD Host-Based Security System (HBSS), allowing large-scale organizations to integrate their portable USB storage devices into these standard management systems.

Each portable data security solutions has it's unique elements, and there is no single solution to meet the security requirements set forth within any given organization that we have ever worked with.  Many, in fact, opt for multiple solutions to be implemented simultaneously across different departments, based upon the varying security requirements of each department.  At Veteran Technology Solutions, we look forward to learning more about your data security objectives, and how we can become a part of the right solution for your organization.  Call us at 805-852-2338 to setup a free consultation, or write us at, and let us help you find the mobile data security solution that best fits the needs and policies of your organization today!

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