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Without a doubt, security is of the utmost importance in today's business environment. While many companies have taken extensive measures to protect corporate network infrastructures, one of the most overlooked areas in establishing a security strategy is the document protection environment. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, U.S. companies lose more than $600 billion to fraud each year, with counterfeiting and document fraud making up more than two-thirds of that amount. The reality is that your company's multifunction products (MFPs) that copy, print, fax, scan, and electronically store and transfer your documents, and your company's shredders that are responsible for ensuring no proprietary or secure printed material escapes in a legible
structure, are integral components of the corporate security strategy - data communication
throughout the entire corporate network must be securely stored, transmitted, received,
and disposed of.

                Samsung Secure Document Production

                HSM Secure Document Destruction
Veteran technology Solutions understands end to end document security, and we
look forward to showing you more about protecting your assets and liabilities. 
Call 805-852-2338 today, or write for a free consultation
to discuss your document security needs, or to request a quote or demo model on a secure Samsung MFP or HSM Secure Shredder (restrictions apply).

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