Veteran Technology Solutions
In early May of 2011, a general partnership was formed in the State of California by brothers Brian and Rick Vogel.

Located in Ventura County, but with the capability to serve national and global accounts, our focus is on the design and implementation of:

                Point of sale data capture and custom line level reporting systems
                Multiple-factor access control systems and solutions
                PC computing solutions
                Data-center management and green TCO reduction solutions - Server/Power/Cooling
                Secure data storage and managed portable data storage solutions
                Secure remote access client device & data management solutions
                Payroll, accounts payable, and general administrative systems automation solutions

We utilize open source technologies and systems that are compliant with the very stringent regulations found today in publicly funded agencies such as: Federal, State, and Local Government; Educational Housing, Dormitory, and Student Safety; Healthcare; and 501.c3 registered not-for-profits. We are familiar with initiatives such as HIPPA, HSPD-12, and the Telework Enhancement Act... and how these changes are affecting public sector agencies by requiring them to accomplish a lot more, and to maintain much stricter security, while dealing with increasing budgetary constraints, and shrinking support and administrative staffs due to these funding decreases.

At Veteran Technology Solutions(VTS), we understand that there are hundreds of options available to you when you face making technology infrastructure or computer purchasing decisions for your organization. Regardless of the size of your project, and whether you're upgrading a system or starting fresh on a completely new build, wading through the possible options can be a daunting task. This is where VTS begins to shine.

By maintaining multiple OEM relationships in varying technology product sectors, and keeping our finger on the industry's pulse, VTS is able to keep on top of the most up to date technological developments as they happen.  We can assist with design, configuration, implementation, support, and maintenance for new or existing devices. VTS ensures that we provide our customers with updated and scalable systems that will serve their current needs, as well as those that will arise as business continues to grow.

For us, it's not simply a matter of selling systems and technology hardware. It's about helping our partners to achieve their overarching business goals, and to help them maintain a competitive edge in a continually changing environment. We believe, no matter the size of your organization, that a relentless focus on ensuring the implemented systems do everything you need them to quickly and efficiently, and that your processes are completed in such a way that you never have to think about or dedicate staff to them, will help you to improve your bottom line and increase your value to your customers.
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