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While industry sector requirements vary, one thing remains the same - security needs to be applied consistently across your network. The security level of your company's fleet of document production equipment should be at the same level as the data residing on the company's computers, or any other networked peripheral. By selecting and implementing appropriate security technologies that are designed to control access, provide data tracking and accountability, and protect sensitive corporate information, companies can improve the security of their network, as well as meet current government regulations.

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Samsung's CAC solution, including models: SCX-5635FN, SCX-5835FN, SCX-6545N, SCX-6555N, CLX-6250FX and CLX-8540ND; is currently available in a selection of Samsung's multi-function printers designed for use within regulated industries such as: public sector utilities, government, financial banking and investment, healthcare, insurance, and federal contractors.

Using the Samsung CAC solution, an organization can restrict unauthorized users from sending sensitive documents via multifunction printers (MFPs). Required by the Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-12, the solution is approved by the U.S. Department of Defense and meets or exceeds all necessary security protocols, including Common Criteria Certification.

The CAC solution is embedded into the firmware of the MFP and offers increased security when compared to other CAC options that require an external piece of hardware between the MFP and network. The solution allows LDAP authentication to bring in the users' address book.

Multifunction devices have evolved in recent years to support numerous functions integrated within the corporate network infrastructure. Features such as document storage and scan-to-e-mail make document production equipment as much a part of the network as computer systems. Because of this increased network functionality, security measures must be taken to ensure data integrity and accountability going to and from the device. This includes data communication within the corporate network, as well as outside the firewall. Furthermore, for companies that must comply with current government regulations, it is mission critical that they have adequate security safeguards in place to meet or exceed compliance guidelines. .

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