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IronKey Workspace MWES and Windows to Go Solution Overview
Many IronKey portable storage devices can be enabled with Ironkey Workspace MWES or Windows to Go technology, innovative platforms for deployment of a Secure Windows7 or Windows 8 Desktop (SUD) environment on a high-security USB device.  With all IronKey Workspace solutions, any computer ― including shared systems, home computers or other untrusted computers ― can be instantly transformed into a standard IT-managed system while maintaining both performance and security.

Users simply plug the Workspace enabled key into any
computer, then reboot and authenticate their identity. They
then have access to their full operating system and desktop
applications. When they leave, their desktop leaves with
them, and no trace of their presence remains behind on the

Deployments are fully manageable with IronKey's Enterprise device management system, allowing for full control of device security policies and usage.  The IronKey Workspace appliances, based on IronKey's own proven device manufacturing systems, allow quick, secure and reliable creation for hundreds or thousands of client devices in a short period of time. Administrators and systems integrators have full freedom to configure user environments without having to involve a third party, which removes logistical and security barriers.

Leveraging IronKey's industry-leading strong authentication technologies and hardware-based encryption, IronKey Workspace and Windows to Go technologies guarantee the protection of applications, operating system, and data. The on-board Intel BlueFly Processor (FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated) brings the industry's most advanced features to the IronKey platforms.

IronKey Workspace MWES Key Strengths vs. Alternative Client Solutions
Encrypted Storage - Cryptographically secure lockdown of content shields the desktop from even the worst environments, preventing tampering, intrusion and piracy.

Secure Preboot Authentication - Access to the hardware-encrypted desktop requires up to 3-factor authentication, including password, optional biometric and CAC/PIV.

Host Isolation - Insert your IronKey USB drive into the host computer, then reboot and authenticate. The computing environment is now fully isolated from both malware and data leakage.

Optional Secure Portable Storage - A separate, secure partition allows exchange of data between the IronKey Workspace MWES environment and other computing environments.

Optional PKI Token Operation - Secure key and certificate stores, hardware key generation, digital signing, and a range of other user PKI operations are possible within the USB desktop.

Traceless Departure - When the user leaves, they take their environment with them and no trace of their presence remains on the host.

IronKey Workspace solutions preserve the PC end-user experience.
The end-user experience of a IronKey Workspace MWES or Windows to Go client is the same as it would be on a regular PC. That means it will meet the users and business' expectations for no compromised support of all of their standard and customized applications, audio and Voice over IP requirements, video formats and compatibility with their peripheral devices.

IronKey Enterprise Management avoids IT complexity
From an IT experience perspective IronKey Workspace solutions are not complicated systems. The IronKey Enterprise Management console simplifies tasks such as image deployment and user provisioning. This feature, coupled with support for established IT processes, helps minimize the complexity that is commonly associated with the implementation of alternative client solutions such as virtual desktops.

IronKey Workspace MWES and Windows to Go are cost effective flexible investments
Due to their simplicity, and the lack of requirement for hardware refresh, IronKey Workspace MWES and Windows to Go are less costly to implement and support than virtual desktop or notebook deployments. This leads to a TCO that is significantly less than that of traditional notebook PC deployments, and an acquisition cost savings of up to 40% can be achieved when compared to many larger Virtual Desktop Infrastructure deployments. As it can be used offline, this system increases employee productivity when compared to the use of virtual desktops, and the IronKey client can be reused and redeployed to multiple users, and through multiple operating system iterations over time, further extending its use, cost recovery, flexibility, its lifetime compared to other solutions, and the requirement to refresh terminals utilized to run the client. 

We believe in the business value of the IronKey MWES and Windows to Go solutions for your road warriors, teleworkers, temporary personell, disaster recovery teams, and facilities containting shared workspaces and resources.  Setup and deployment of either IronKey Secure Workspace solution into new office developements is completed much faster, at a lower cost, and much more securely than similar setup utilizing an alternative solution.  Beacuse the IronKey Workspace solutions have multiple configurations, we feel it is best to review your secure computing requirements together prior to recommending the specific workspace solution for your environment.  Call us today at 805-852-2338 to set up a free consultation, or download and complete our Demo Unit Request Form to send in.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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