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We are in an age where privacy and compliance are crucial...

Your customer data and personal privacy are at risk whenever documents are thrown in the trash at the office. The only way to keep information secure is to destroy documents before they leave your control. There are many reasons to shred:

        to protect your company's financial information
        to safeguard private information that you are mandated to protect
        to keep personal and employees information confidential
        to protect proprietary information, and general project data
        to cut waste, and reuse cardboard for packing materials

... Whatever the reason, you can depend on HSM shredders.

Shredders provide security, privacy, and confidentiality, and HSM shredders dominate the shredding industry...  For over 34 years, HSM has provided high-quality and dependable German made products to
thousands of businesses and government agencies throughout the World.HSM offers the most complete line of document and data destruction devices in the industry backed by over one hundred and forty international patents.  From the desk-side shredders to the industrial & high-security shredders, HSM has  products that provide users with 100% control of their document destruction and disposal. 

HSM is the document destruction partner of choice for Veteran Technology Solutions due their innovative design and engineering processes, world recognition as manufacturer of the highest quality and most reliable shredders, their reputation for environmental consciousness, and their wide range of services and support.  Call us at 805-852-2338, or write us at to discuss your data protection needs, and find the right HSM solution to fit your business needs today!

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