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Veteran Technology Solutions specializes in the implementation of secure remote micro modular datacenter, and micro modular scalable datacenter solutions designed to drastically reduce the total cost of ownership associated with managing your datacenter growth and security.  Elliptical Mobile Solutions has pioneered the development of self-contained, high-density, cost-effective and energy efficient Micro-Modular Data Centers. Built at the rack level with onboard cooling, security, and fire suppression, these data centers fully replicate the functions of a traditional data center without the costly infrastructure, raised floors, or big, iron, and massive air conditioning units.

The enclosures are vendor neutral with industry standard 19" racks that can accommodate the world's most high-tech equipment including powerful blade or racked servers, networking storage (NAS), storage area networks (SANS), wi-fi, wi-max, 4G wireless and satellite (SATCOM).

We also offer highly mobile custom solutions through a teaming agreement with ECS composites.  We can build ruggedized and highly mobile cases to securely transport datacenter equipment, while in operation, through near any environment.  Some common applications include marine vessel server and storage equipment, and front line and disaster recovery support for immediate and temporary datacenter construction.

Now you can choose from the equipment that best meets your needs, and have a complete turnkey IT solution in less time, and at a fraction of the cost.  Call us today at 805-852-2338 to discuss you requirements in more detail, or feel

free to write us at  We look forward to showing you how Veteran Technology Solutions will prove a valuable partner in planning for future expansion, secure remote datacenter management, and mobile datacenter solutions.

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