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At Veteran Technology Solutions (VTS), we look forward to helping you meet your procurement goals, and saving you time and money on the planning and execution of information technology systems upgrades, and security and administrative process automation projects. VTS is a certified service disabled veteran owned small business, and a registered partner with many of the world's largest original equipment manufacturers, as well as some of the world's smallest and most specialized solutions developers. Our extensive experience, in combination with these partnerships, enable us to design and implement customized supply chain, workflow, and product solutions to fit any business requirement from the customer facing front office to the mobile datacenter.

We work hard to find cost-effective, and best of breed, offerings ranging from scan, print, and data storage/management, to client device, access control, and power quality and management… Our wide range of offerings and services, along with our experience in a variety of business environments, enable us to deliver the best equipment or process to fit your requirement in an effective and scalable solution.

Our staff looks forward to working closely with your team to better understand your business model and objectives.  Our recommendations are designed to assist you in discovering areas within your operations that are a drain on resources, and which can be automated or streamlined through the use of information technology systems, and the implementation of standardized procedures.  Your bottom line is the bottom line, and our goal is to help you to be as profitable and efficient as possible, while working with you to discover new areas of innovation that can be leveraged in order to better support your customers, and provide you with the competitive advantage you need.

  TIN:      275360671
  DUNS:   968753710
  CAGE:   6GGQ9
  CAID:    1600500

  SAM Registered
  ORCA Registered
  CCR Registered

  27 - Self Certified Small 
  Disadvantaged Business
  A5 - Veteran Owned Business
  QF - Service Disabled Veteran
  Owned Business
  VW - Contracts and Grants
  2X - For-Profit Organization

  423430 - Computer and
  Computer Peripheral Equipment
  and Software Merchant
  423420 - Office Equipment
  Merchant Wholesalers
  811212 - Computer and Office
  Machine Repair and
  424120 - Stationery and Office
  Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
  443120 - Computer and
  Software Stores
  423610 - Electrical Apparatus
  and Equipment, Wiring
  Supplies, and Related
  Equipment Merchant
  423690 - Other Electronic Parts
  and Equipment Merchant
  238210 - Electrical Contractors
  and Other Wiring Installation
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